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The state of healthcare in the US is not shameful only if one looks at non-industrialised countries. Among the industrialised nations, the US system has little to shout about.
So only "industrialized" nations are acknowledged as "fitting" comparisons? Try Looking for the ratio of poor to rich countries worldwide.

As I overheard on BBC Radio, "Africa is not poor. It is poorly managed." Of course, that can be said for Burma and Iraq. (Personally, I don't think Afghanistan is in that list, but I digress.)
Africa's several nations are inherently impoverished. Being poorly managed is just one of the many reasons why these nations face these crisis. The people of Africa are not to be blamed...some have valiantly strive for development and security but the damage is too great of a task---it needs help.

And no, Obama cannot afford to just focus on the economy. The "perfect storm" is coming. Social Security is in trouble, and of course we have healthcare. Business as usual is not really an option. If the US doesn't start accepting painful reform, I cannot imagine how the implosion can be avoided.
While its certainly necessary to protect the already established development, The danger is too exaggerated.
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