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Nishioshin probably met Kubo at a bar one day and became drinking buddy.

Nishi: Hey Kubo, nice seeing you.
Kubo: Yo, how's it going with your manga?
Nishi: Not so great man, the ratings aren't doing very well. I wonder what I did wrong. I thought a strong-headed heroine would appeal to the SJ audience. At least, that's how it has been with my novels.
Kubo: You obviously are a smart man Nishi, but there's something that's preventing it from becoming an awesome manga - like mine.
Nishi: Oh... what is it? I'd like to hear it.
Kubo: 13.
Nishi: What??
Kubo: It's something you have to think about yourself. 13... a magic number... just like the Gotei 13.
Nishi: You mean, I should start having fights in my manga?
Kubo: Yes of course, and lots of it. And I mean LOTS, that's what I have been doing the last couple of years for Bleach, you know.
Nishi: Fights? Then what about plot?
Kubo: Plot? Screw the plot. When all else fails, I go plotkai.

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