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The joke is fun (and old), but please, don't put that author who is known by the great reputation his works have given him with the failure that is Kubo

As for the rest, I don't understand the complainers. Did you really believed this would be a manga about generic comedy/romance/school life? To me it's clear Medaka Box would be an action/comedy/with a bit of romance from the very beggining. It's not because it's being serialized in Jump, but there are enough proofs.

For example, the heroine's name: Medaka Kurokami. Kurokami means "black goddess", and that's a clear reference to her 4th trump card, the Perses mode.

Not to mention, Zenkichi almost told Kikaijima about that trump card IN CHAPTER 13.

Add to that:

Pff, how could a manga with such abnormal heroine and with such strange little hungry girl who is non other than the chairman's grandaughter, couldn't have action.

And that's all thats needed for me. Maybe I enjoy it because I never got fooled by the one-shot in the first place. As for you guys, if you want to believe this turned into a battle manga all of a sudden, then fine, I'm not going to force, believe whatever you want. As for me, I'm going to believe what my points tell, and given the mangaka's great reputation with his previous works and the fact he only has to write the plot while the draw is in the illustrator's hands, well, I think that's all is need to say.

Just in case you didn't noticed, I'm a reader who likes to read any manga that interest me carefully, and I specially like to pay attention at all de details, not just the big ones, but the minor ones too.

To finish, all this people that write just to complain and trash the thread, please, stop. There's plenty of mangas of the genres you like, so don't do that.

Sorry if my english is bad. I will give my overall thoughts about Medaka Box and it's latest developments later. Hace a nice day
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