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Originally Posted by Arturro View Post
I don't know what others expected, but I've expected action and fights since 1st chapter. Just I've expecting fights like in Yanke-kun to Megane-chan or Angel Densetsu. Kid killing people because they're playing music too loud, or girl in maid clothes attacking another student with iron ball used to destroy buildings doesn't fit that description.
Many posters here believe that Medaka Box plot changed after Akune arc. So chapter 13 or later aren't a good example. There is many post proving that beliefs, read them please. Or try to explain me role of Zenkichi, Akune and that girl from swimming team. What they could do except to appear from time to time just to say to us - readers, how Medaka feels. Do you truly believe that Zen or Akune has any chances fighting against any member of class 13? They will be killed not only because those freaks are able to kill a human, they are also allowed to kill any student.
At first it lacked plot with just solving jobs, but now there's at least and indication of real plot.

Yes, I think they have chances, or as it's said, David beats Goliath. Specially Zenkichi. His role is big as it had already been foreshadowed in the first chapter. The main character is fated to do really big tasks. I'll explain why just if you want.

If you've expected from the beggining that it will be a battle manga with human shaped monsters (class 13), you're a prophet.
Medaka herself is abnormal and began to show her feats with the speed in chapter 2, so I can't say that caught me by surprise.

By the way, number 13 is really overused. Take KH Organization XIII as an example.

Since when you know that Shiranui is chairman's granddaughter?
Of course I didn't know that, but I did know that girl was really suspicious since the first time I saw her.

Yeah, you're right, I was fooled by oneshot and a few first chapters.
Not even Neuro one-shot fooled me, nor one-shots from other manga

As I've heard all earlier manga written by Nisioisin were a complete failure. His novels are popular, but good novel writter is not neccesary a good script writter.
Well, now he's writing another novel made with illustrations, so it's no different. And as far as I know he only has written two one-shots, one called Uroboros and now he's writing Medaka Box, so you can't say his previous mangas were a failure... because he never wrote a single one in the first place until now That he is well known by his great reputation for novels, that's a good sign. The guy has experience, lots acording to wikipedia.

And that's the reason for our complains, we require from authors to treat his readers as inteligent people, not as group of morons.
Err... I don't think the mangaka thinks of his readers as a bunch of morons.

Did you mean, that people could post here only if they agree with you? You have a strange definition of freedom of speach. On the other hand, you're not an exception.
No, you misunderstood me. What I mean is... it would be better if we can just comment about each chapter or the whole manga content instead.

Your's english is still better than mine, so you don't have to excuse And I'd like to read a post from Medaka Box fan with come valid arguments. So far almost every post from MB fan was argumented like: Medaka Box is a great manga, because it's a great manga (or is written by great author), or Medaka Box is great because girls in it are cute and hot (for me girls in this or any other manga are just drawings, but maybe I'm strange, I prefer real girls over "2d waifu" :P).
Doubt I can call this manga bad or great with just 22 chapters published so far. Up until now it lacked character background, but the latest arc gave us some about Medaka for which I'm glad.

By the way, the chaos guy, by some posts of his/her I read in onemanga forum, I would say he/she enjoys it more or less with the doubt of the Council's role.

That said, had been Medaka Box some generic romance/comedy packed manga, I wouldn't be here now. Sorry, I hate that type of genre (cough Tolove cough), I love action/comedy filled with drama and baddassery. Hope that doesn't make me strange

Dear God, you're 31!!

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