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I am pretty much just having a grand time with this manga lately as well. This last chapter was hilariously absurd while retaining the potential to be interesting: seriously, "I tried to kill her five times"??? Is that serious? And the pretense for this statement being believable is 'they're superhuman'?

I'd never claim to have predicted this outcome, but even from the one-shot it was clear romance wasn't this manga's focus (or it's strength). The way things have been set up it's perfectly believable to me that this is the way Nishio Ishin intended to take this manga from the beginning. And it's suited to my tastes: one of my first thoughts was 'holy shit is Medaka a goddamned unbelievable Sue' so I'm glad they're making a plot point out of it. This manga was of incredibly dubious quality to me in its initial stages so I am glad it has currently leveled up to 'fun and occasionally interesting'.

This is probably all I feel like saying for now.

Oh wait, one more thing: nobody commented on ch. 22's boob pillows? Even the translators did in the scanlation. Unzen just keeps getting awesomer.
Boob pillows?

So we share thoughts about Medaka Box planned to be what is now from the beggining, I see

As for Medaka, I'm sure this woman wants to be seen more human by others.

And yeah, the line "I tried to kill her five times" is hilarious.

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