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Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
As it is, it seems Madoka's strong desire to help others is just a trait given to her by default to make the story work, and while that's pretty common in other shows of the genre, I feel Madoka should have been above such plot conveniences.
should we blame junko-san for this?

i don't exactly see madoka's commendable trait solely as the plot demanded, but more because she was trained to, or more correctly, raised and brought up pretty well.

her mom, even contemplates (considers? encourages?) that madoka should make some mistakes while still young because wounds will heal slower as one ages, implying it will be a lot more difficult to recover when older.

madoka's strong desire to help others can be explained by some simple line from her mom. yes, nothing fancy, no whole arc to explain it, just a dialogue.

of course, it might also because she is both good-natured and kind-hearted too naturally. however, the dialogue provided us some more convincing hints.

yes, it could have been better if this was expounded in a way in visual form than mere speeches. i definitely approve too. maybe this is just the medium the staff chose as appropriate as long as the storytelling is concerned. or maybe because of real world economics?

anyways, regarding madoka's lack of character development (viz. her strong desire to help which remained all consistent all through out), i think this could be better seen in a different lens. instead of finding her inner motivation of being helpful, of why, we could look for the time or moment she will "rebel" or make some mistakes.

this is logical since she was raised to be a good girl, the only change or "development" will happen if she deviates from this - in other words when she turns "bad." and i think the resounding nice and juicy slap on madoka's cheek is a good development for her part. i think someone explained this better than i do, i just don't recall the link. but the essence is the same. madoka is nothing short of development. and even if she's the titular character, it doesn't guarantee she'll have the most of it, right?

again, the change/s is/are short. condensed. compact. brief. but explained and provided some answers. probably the hints are sporadic and distributed. it's there if we look at the right places, i guess...

just my 2 cents.
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