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Originally Posted by kaigan View Post
her mom, even contemplates (considers? encourages?) that madoka should make some mistakes while still young because wounds will heal slower as one ages, implying it will be a lot more difficult to recover when older.
I disagree. Her mother was making a point on how Madoka had always been a good kid, not that she specifically raised her that way, which would be kinda hard anyway since she spends most of her time at work. If anything, her words (and behavior as a mother) supports my take that Madoka is characterized the way she is just because, without any proper explanation.

Originally Posted by Lord of Fire View Post
What I'm wondering is, does Madoka need a reason to do good and help people? Heck, does anyone need a reason to help others and do the right thing?
Akashin already said it but it bears repetition. Characters are not people, they are narrative elements and need clear motivations. A clear motivation behind your character is needed for many reasons, including personal identification, stronger internal conflicts, and a higher chance of catharsis, among others.

I don't even know why I'm ranting about this. It's not like I care about Madoka or anything. Sayaka's words come to mind: "I'm such an idiot".
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