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Originally Posted by Snork View Post
She's always had good examples to look up to
As far as I remember her mother's personality is pretty much opposite to Madoka's. Her mother would not hesitate on crushing a co-worker to get a promotion, for example (this has been stated in the series) while Madoka would never do something like that.

It's clear she doesn't get her ideals from her family. Her family is loving one, but Madoka's ideals are way beyond that.

Originally Posted by Snork View Post
we don't see Madoka giving up on her personality even things DO go downhill.
Well, that would be part of the problem too, right? Why does she not give up on her personality even if she goes through really bad situations? Again, we don't know. All those traits of hers were never given any proper explanation. And having a normal, semi functional family is not even close to explain her character traits.
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