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English isn't my native language so I'm pretty much fishing for the right words here.
worry not, my friend, i'm guilty as well

Well, if you really think having a nice family is enough a reason to explain Madoka's behavior
having a nice family do help and did offer an explanation regarding madoka's behavior. but that's not really the only one. add to this is her overall upbringing (parents and her immediate environment). i mean she has a nice and supportive family; and her city is relatively peaceful and safe to live with.

and we may also add her close friends and other social institutions that might affected her (school, religion, etc) but the latter would be more of an assumption, so i'll stick for now just on what we could find in the series.

well, that basically gave madoka a characterization supported by direct testaments and clues abound. i'm just not exactly sure for the use of 'enough,' since it's really not too hard to understand and spot them as if they are missing and lacking. but like i said, it was unartistic and dull. maybe that's why homu-chan got an entire episode dedicated for herself, because it's more complicated whereas madoka's simple (even if she's the titular character).

besides, madoka has a good support background a family, friends, and school right at the very beginning. while homu remained a mystery for sometime. in other words, madoka was presented almost transparently while homu was held back for surprises.

including her unrealistically strong desire to help others even at the cost of her life
i'm not entirely sure if her desire can be qualified being as 'unrealistically strong'. if i remember and count correctly there is only one instance that she is willing to help others while being fully aware of the consequences that will ultimately cost her life, viz the 'final wish'. she said it specifically herself that she's willing to trade her life for it in ep 12.

these happened after qb's historical lecture and 'completing' some series of minor revelations, tragedies upon tragedies that befell her close friends, even homu, and now her city and of course her entire family. her family is basically threatened. her intimately closest loved ones.

kyouko shared that time might come the she has to make a decision and take the plunge. but until then don't throw away your love ones and be a magical girl just for the sake of being a magical girl.

the emotional stress on the final episode is so massive that it will put to shame all other instances 'of helping others' and in all previous timelines. all other instances can be simply said as 'in spirit of helping others'. being pm helps a lot of people.

madoka is not aware of the risks involved, so she's making decisions without full knowledge.

but the last one is different. others might want to count her attempt to save saya back to normal. fine, that's all right. but still, she's still partly in the dark. she's not aware back then that pms (and in extension herself) would turn inevitably to witches, not just zombies. she has no knowledge about the wn battle, and that the entire human civilization depended much heavily with incubators influence.

so if we will ever consider this only one instance in the final ep as 'unrealistically strong desire' to help others, i think it's justified given the situation and magnitude of emotional intensity she has to bare at that moment. the whole world is at stake. what would a good and well brought up girl going to do?

and about helping others, don't confuse this of just being a magical girl. madoka's helpful even if she's just herself. and she is also human. she actually felt fear contracting. and her doubts rise as more and more of the magical girl system is revealed.
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