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CHP 2: A Dark Knight

Naruto, Michelangelo and Raphael enter the sewer. They begin walking in the cold dirty water.

“Your life story is pretty amazing dude; it is nice to meet a ninja from another world.” Michelangelo says.

“I still can’t believe I’m even here, this is all so very weird.” Naruto replies.

“Yeah I know, I wonder what the others will think about all of this.” Mikey emphasizes.

“You said one of those guys followed you onto our planet right?” Raphael asks.

“Yeah one of those crepes followed me through the portal, don’t worry I defeated him.” Naruto tells.

The three ninja’s hear a weird sound, coming from further in the sewer, it echoes.

“That sounds like a dieing Dinosaur.” Raphael says.

The three can tell that something is coming, from that direction at them fast. The sewer water is splashing and getting louder. Raphael reaches for his Sais, but is knocked down with Naruto by a large tail. The creature runs up to Mikey, grabs him by his neck and slams him into a pipe. Michelangelo falls unconscious. Raphael and Naruto get up.

“This guy looks like some type of mutated Croc or Lizard.” Raph says pulling out his Sais and charging the creature.

He stabs his Sais into the creatures back; he quickly pulls them out afterwards. The creature’s blood splashes into Raphael’s face. He grabs Raph by his legs and throws him into Naruto. Raphael falls, but Naruto doesn’t.

“Shadow clone Jutsu!!” Naruto yells.

He creates 15 clones of himself. Two of the clones grab it’s tail, and spin him around. The clones throw him into the air, and five clones jump up and kick him into a pipe, which breaks on impact. The creature gets up and destroys a few clones, he than slashes the real Naruto on his chest. The ninja falls to his knees in pain, as blood falls from his chest. The creature runs off, and something falls from its shirt. Naruto places his hand on his bloody chest. Raphael walks up next to Naruto.

“Are you alright Naruto?” Raphael asks in concern.

“Yeah I’m fine, but what was that thing?” Naruto asks.

“I don’t know.” Raphael shrugs his shoulders.

Raphael walks over to pick up what the creature dropped. He picks it up and looks at it for a second.

“So what does it say?” Naruto asks, still holding his chest.

“It says Dr. Curt Conner’s, who the shell is that.” Raphael says aloud.

“So what is that, it’s dark and I can hardly see?” Naruto asks.

“It’s a name tag maybe that is his name.” Raphael suggest.

The two can hear a sewer lid being removed, as the creature exits the sewer.

“We need to get to the lair.” Raph says.

He helps Naruto to his feet, he then picks up Mikey and they head to the lair. Within minutes they arrive to the front entrance, Raphael punches in the code. The door opens, and Raphael enters with Naruto by his side. Leonardo rushes over to Raphael.

“What happened Raph, and who is this?” Are you ok?” Leo asks.

“Let me clean up and I will tell you what’s up.” Raphael says, as he lays Mikey on the couch.

Raphael then heads to the bathroom and washes the creature’s blood off of his face, and ninja mask. After doing so, he heads to the front room, where Donatello is questioning Naruto. Raphael joins the conversation, and tells Leo and Don about the ninja’s journey. Don places a cold rag on the head of Mikey; Leo is amazed at Naruto’s abilities.

“Raphael and Michelangelo earlier told me about your Sensei.” Where is he?” Naruto asks.

“He is currently in Japan, having a little break from New York.” And what did this to Mikey?” Donatello asks.

“I don’t know what it was.” Raphael answers.

He throws the name tag to Donatello.

“That came off of it.” Raphael says.

Leonardo gets Naruto a few bandages to wrap around his chest. Naruto takes off his shirt and does just that. He puts it back on afterwards. Donatello pulls up Dr. Conner’s page.

“I’ve got an address for a lab, this guy works there.” Donatello says.

“He looked nothing like a man when we encountered him.” Raph says in anger.

“Lets not make assumptions yet; maybe that is one of his experiments.” Donatello suggests.

He then prints out the address. Leonardo grabs the printed paper.

“I’m going to go check out this lab, I want you all to stay here and hold the fort.” Leonardo says.

Leo then exits the turtle’s lair.

“So Naruto are you hungry?” What do you like to eat?” Donatello asks.

“I love Ramen noodles, but wait do you guys even have that in this world?” Naruto asks.

“Yeah of course we do, I’ll make you some right away.” Donatello says.

Donny heads over to the kitchen area. Michelangelo wakes up, takes the rag off of his head and sits up.

“Wow I’m back at the lair, what happened?” Mikey asks.

“Don’t worry, the creature ran off and we returned here.” Raphael explains.

Naruto and Raphael sit down next to Mikey, and Raph turns on the T.V.

On the street tops

Leo sticks to the Shadows of the streets. He makes his way to the roof tops, but is immediately stopped in his tracks.

“So you must be one of the four creatures that I have come to collect.” The Knight says.

“So you’re the guy Naruto spoke of, how did you find me so quickly?” Leonardo asks.

“I hold a device that tracks down, your type of DNA sequence.” The Knight tells.

Leo pulls out his two Katana swords. The Knight pulls out a long blade.

“I hate to do things the hard way, but oh well I will enjoy this.” The Knight says smiling under his armor.

Back in the Sewer

“Hey Naruto, it seems we are out of noodles.” So I’m going on the surface, a few blocks from here is a restaurant that serves the best Ramen.” Donatello says.

“Alright, but how about I come with you?” Naruto asks.

“Yeah sounds good, hey Raph and Mikey, you two can stay here and watch the place.” Donatello says.

“No prob.” Raph says switching the channel.

Donatello puts on a hat and jacket to disguise himself. Naruto and Don then head out.

“I’m going to keep my eye on Naruto, It’s a bit strange how he just got to this planet and met up with us so quickly.” Raphael tells Michelangelo.

“Are you saying you don’t trust him?” Mikey asks.

“For now yes, we need to be on guard.” Raphael replies.

On the surface

The Knight swings his sword at the turtle, Leo blocks the blades force, with a katana. Leo cuts the Knights blade in half, and kicks him to the ground.

“Oooh so you are much tougher than I thought you’d be, and I thought it would be simple taking the four of you out.” The Knight says.

“Why don’t you just leave this planet, and never come back.” Leonardo demands.

The knight laughs at Leo’s remark.

“You have the heart of a weak, worthless person.” The knight says aloud.

“Bad choice pal, bad choice.” Leo adds.

The Knight’s eyes turn red, he gets on his feet and begins transforming.

“This can’t be good.” Leonardo says, in a nervous tone.

Time passes, and when the transformation is complete, an 80 Ft snake stands before Leo. The Snake hisses forcefully.

“Let’s dance freak.” Leo says charging the snake.

“There’s the restaurant, trust me Naruto; they have some of the greatest Ramen you will ever taste!” Donatello says.

A woman comes crying out of the restaurant. Seven men come out as well following her.

“You worthless bitch, you messed everything up.” A guy says, hitting her across her face.

“What were you doing giving away the bosses secrets.” Another guy says, throwing her to the ground.

Naruto is about to jump in, but Don grabs him by his arm.

“Not yet.” Don says, holding Naruto back.

The manager of the restaurant comes outside.

“Leave that poor girl alone.” He says in a low tone.

“I don’t see how any of this is your business old man, so get your ass back inside.” A man says.

The manager quickly heads in. A black car drives past the restaurant, but in seconds it turns back around. A man steps out of the vehicle, as the vehicle drives off. He makes his way toward the seven men. He looks down at the girl.

“I’m sorry you had to go through this.” He says.

He puts her arm around his shoulder, and picks her up.

“So what’s your name?” He asks.

“Amaya.” She answers.

“Who the hell are you?” Hand over the girl, or you’re a dead man.” One of the guy’s says, pulling out a gun.

1 out of the 7 men notices a name tag on the guy.

“So your name is Bruce, I suggest you take yourself back to weir you came from.” The guy says.

The woman runs to her car and drives off.

“Well gentle men she got away, what are we to do now.” One of the guys says as he smiles.

Bruce takes off his tie and throws it to the ground.

“What are you waiting for?” Bruce asks.

Two of the men run toward him, Bruce jumps 12 ft into the air landing in the middle of the seven men.

“Donatello, we really should help this guy.” Naruto suggest.

“Not yet, let’s see what happens.” Donatello responds.

Bruce kicks two guys into the trash jumps up, and bicycle kicks another guy into the window of the restaurant. The guy goes straight through the window and falls unconscious. Bruce jumps up and kicks another guy 6 ft into the air. He falls on top of the two guys in the trash. The three remaining men stare at Bruce for a few seconds before running off. Bruce picks up his tie, and puts it back on. After doing so, he walks into the restaurant.

“That guy is not too bad.” Naruto thinks.

As Bruce passes the front door, the last guy gets up and exits the diner. Once outside, he sprints away. A woman screams from a dark alley. Naruto and Donatello look in that direction to see the lizard run by.

“Here is some money; this will get your Ramen.” I’m going after that creature.” Donatello says.

“No it can wait I’m going with you, please you might need my help.” Naruto says.

“Ok.” Don says in agreement.

Bruce looks out of the window and can see the creature disappear into the dark city. Bruce quickly writes a check and gives it to the manager.

“This is for any damage caused.” Bruce says.

Bruce exits afterwards, Donatello and Naruto are no where in sight.

Leonardo pulls his swords out of the snake.

“Alright, now that he has been taken care of, I can head to Dr. Conner’s lab.” Leo says in relief.

Leo places his swords into his sheath, and continues his way to the lab.

Donatello and Naruto catch up with the Lizard. Naruto creates a few clones that knock him over. Donatello throws off his hat and jacket. The Lizard quickly gets up, and lets out a loud sound.

“Hey Donatello stay back, this guy is mine.” Naruto says.

The clones throw shurikens at the Lizard, he dodges a few but is stabbed by the rest. Naruto jumps up and kicks Lizard into a brick wall. A huge crack is left in the wall. Lizard pulls the Shurikens out of his body, and throws them. He gets rid of 5 clones. Naruto and his two remaining clones run over and begin fighting Lizard. In seconds Lizard destroys the two clones with his tail.

“Naruto is an amazing ninja, very impressive.” Donatello thinks to himself.

Naruto slams his knee into Lizards chest and before landing kicks him into the air. Naruto then jumps above Lizard and kicks him into a park bench, which shatters on impact. The Lizard gets up showing no pain.

“You’ve got to be kidding; this guy just won’t give up.” Naruto thinks in frustration.

Naruto and the Lizard run at each other at top speed. Lizard bites into Naruto shoulder, and throws him to the ground. Lizard attempts to jump on Naruto, but something wraps around Lizards neck and pulls him back. He is thrown to the ground. A bat figure glides down.

“What the heck is that, Naruto watch out!!” Donatello yells.

The bat figure hits the ground, and helps Naruto to his feet.

“Who are you?” Naruto asks.

“I’m Batman.”

To Be Continue
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