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Looking through my collection yesterday I realized I don't seem to actually have the expensive Kotomi card (I have a poster with that image hanging on my wall and have every other Kotomi card so I guess my memory got confused, heh), but I do have a foil version of the expensive Fuuko card. I also have a couple Nanoha and DCII promo cards from Megami Magazine that I'd just casually tossed aside but apparently they're worth more than almost any card in an actual set.

Is buying single cards instead of packs worth it for this game? Can that Nanoha combo be activated reliably enough to build your deck around it or is it some random thing that may just happen once in a while? In Magic there's typically 1-2 cards out of 15 in a pack that are considered playable in a high level deck, and many of them are cheap commons, so it's obviously a pretty terrible value opening packs most of the time. What's the average number of playable cards per pack of WS?
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