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Given that this is a battle FT can't afford to lose, Regardless of whether or not Mavis is communicating with Team FT in real time, she has done the following:

1. Predict the fights and enemy movements on the field up to this point.

2. Use these predictions to SET UP fights between FT members and enemies (ST members etc) accordingly so that they only engage in fights that FT will win!

It is important to stress this second point. as a successful tactician and this being an important battle, Mavis would not be setting up fights where the out-come will be a toss-up (though for reader's pleasure the fight pairings are exactly as what previous chapters foreshadowed). In my opinion, Mavis has rigged the fights in this battle royal and that is cheating. However, I do not care as these fights will be awesome, and like people have pointed out before, FT doesn't follow the rules anyway :P
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