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Sibyl has a throughput & computing power not possible with their current technology,...and the heart of sibyl is concentrated on one place, which is really bad security wise... wahhh is the DIRECTOR Sibyl !!! ....and Akane is the next in line, if the director dies.... whew what a thought...wonder if it 's true.

soi guess Makishima's not really that perfect it's the partner who's the genius, makishima's talent(?) just made it possible to do their plan.

Philip K. Dick! yeah sci-fi ! lot's of his work been turned to film too, Blade Runner's my fave... NO wonder episode 1 felt like Blade Runner when I watched it way back

William Gibson ! cyberspace!> that's even before the great Internet of today Neuromancer was a good book.

of course most literate people knows George Orwell and his 1984...
whew nice reference..
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