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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
I don't think superheroism is realistic even with superpowers. I think we'd have something more like Top Ten, where people who want to fight crime just enroll in the police force. It's just how we work.
Flashy costumes aside (which even in MHA's world are a direct consequence of there being superhero fiction that people wanted to imitate, obviously; the initial blurb in Season 1 referred to superhero as 'the profession that many dreamed of'), that's basically what's happening here. Hero agencies are merely a bit more independent and operate as private companies, that's just a matter of legal framing, but still, they operate with governmental licenses and in close cooperation with the police. And think of it from a PR point of view - a recognisable superhero would be AMAZING for that aspect (and if strong enough, a deterrent for criminals). So in a way this isn't necessarily too farfetched a scenario IMHO, of course discounting the obvious exaggerations for the sake of a more entertaining and spectacular show.
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