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Oh, I can see private super security guarding expensive places. It's not the same as giving law enforcement over to a myriad of small private militias. Even economically, it wouldn't be sustainable. It works in fiction, but in reality, no one would ever be where they were needed. There wouldn't be any big bucks in walking around town looking silly and never fighting anyone.
We don't know fully how the organisation works, how much independence do hero offices have (my impression is: not much), and so on. We know they make at least part of their bucks from side activities (photo shoots, advertising, possibly merchandise?). I also think it was said at some point that they receive State funding. One thing is for sure: it is strongly implied that the crime rate in the world of quirks is greatly increased. Gran Torino was bringing along Deku to Shibuya where apparently "there's also some scuffles happening". In real life Japan has an incredibly low crime rate and Shibuya is an high end shopping neighbourhood. I was walking there just a couple weeks ago... it's amazingly clean and ordered, really not the place where you imagine thugs and robbers having a field day on a regular basis. So obviously this is a Japan where you can just walk around and stumble into some criminal activity - a far cry from the real present day one.
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