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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
I'm getting the same feel and I haven't even seen ep 1 yet (just stills and clips)... this show looks more grownup than the Xebec series --- if we're lucky, they're going to pull a "warner brother" trick of slipping mature comments and situations in flying under the radar.
You know, I think that feeling is spreading everywhere

For me, I had a weird feeling the moment I watched the first episode. It different. I felt like slapping a new title to this series but seriously, I really felt different, like....a not-laughing kind of different. Well, put simply, when I watched the first episode, I didn't have the feeling I had when I watched the Xebec series. Trust me, the feeling I had was in a somewhat negative way....I just don't know how to describe it....

Now the only thing I was able to say after episode 1,

"Happy now, Mr. Ken?"


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