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^ If you are as lazy as me and tend to skim through and gloss over parts that seemed to be covered by the anime, then don't watch the anime first. There are several significant alterations and stitch-ups in the anime.
DYD is 11 volumes of Prologue. In between, 11 volumes of Toriden covers side stories and background stories, and some of them are really good.
After DYD, it's Daiden, which starts the main story, and up till now it's at 11 volumes (12th volume this Sep). Ochiden (now 7 volumes) covers essentially the revolution arc after DYD v1, and has some important information about certain individuals. And of course, there's Sion's notes as the supplements with the BDs that talk about the history of the 'Powers' and how the world came to be. This puts the entire series at 40 volumes now (all cannon). On average, Kagami writes about 6 volumes' worth of stories in a year, if we include Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi as well (currently at 15 volumes, including side stories).
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