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Originally Posted by Syokool View Post
Just to know, how many volumes the anime covers up?

I will read up to those before watch anime (I usually don't care about anime adaptations).

Also, 11 volumes of prologue??? Wtf, honestly

I read chapter 1 yesterday, and I like the MC (?) Ryner. Seems to be a lazy ass. Also, I think this novel deals with political and another themes also, right?
And Sion... I think he's a bit... gay?

Btw, I'd dropped Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi after watch its anime. It wasn't that amusing for me.
25 episodes covered 11 volumes.

For Itsuten, it's a right decision to drop the anime (but not the novel) because 10 out of 12 episodes were like original scripts? Only the first 2 episodes were faithful to the source and 2 episodes covered an entire volume. Every episode after episode 3 randomly gets some content and plot devices from volumes 2 to 5 (and conveniently omitting the 470-page volume 4) mixed in with a bunch of original content and stitch them up to make a poor excuse of a story. When you see Zexcs as the animation studio, don't judge the source (I'll curse Zexcs to the end of hell after ruining 3 of my favorite series, especially Itsuten). Moreover, Itsuten only gives you mind orgasms after volume 6, more so than Denyuuden, since it has really wicked twists each volume after 6. Though Denyuuden is still my favorite due to the scale of the world and characters. Oh, and did I mention that Itsuten has more shocking revelations? Oh, did I mention that Denyuuden has freaking awesome side characters and plot? Oh... errh... what else haven't I mentioned?

EDIT: btw, for Itsuten, take a look at its first PV which has no animation at all. Pay attention to all the text. 1:06 and 1:09 puts out some crazy terms that should give an idea that the story has pretty dark elements and encompasses some major scale and shit (which the anime hardly touched on). Here's the link to the first PV: It's such a moving PV (to me) but Zexcs had to f**k it up even more than Denyuuden and Fortune Arterial. At least Denyuuden had a few good fight scenes.

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