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Originally Posted by Cal-Reflector View Post
I think you bring up a point which no one has thought of yet; might Mimi, with her shared similarities with Reiji, be able to cure him? Perhaps, although in fairness there are many reasons why this wouldn't work (which may be why no one brought it up):

1) Reiji is obsessed with Rin.
2) Mimi is the weakest of the three girls in terms of emotional strength. Her growth (helped a great deal by Reiji and Rin, inadvertently) is a recent event, and its doubtful whether she has the capacity or maturity to "heal" Reiji.
3) If helping Reiji implies doing so through a romantic relationship then it opens a whole new can of worms.
4)If Mimi can help Reiji come to his senses through friendship, that would be the ideal Happy Ending.

All in all its a long shot, but aside from Mimi, Reiji really has no positive relationship with any of the other characters in the story. If not her (or Rin), then he's doomed.
Thanks! It was one of those wild thoughts that could actually make sense Anyway to answer your points...

1. That obsession is what Reiji's supposed to be cured from.

2. In the end, it's best that Reiji heals himself, but Mimi could provide a catalyst. I don't know if it would be something due to her current "weakness" or perhaps her growth would enable her to do something.

3. NO WAY NOT WITH MIMI!!! It doesn't help at all.

4. Yes I was thinking more of this. We were promised a happy ending, weren't we?
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