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Today's chapter was simply marvelous, it sure did bring the good ol' times when Rin would blow-up Aoki's mind to the skies; nevertheless something he said afterwards bother me...
Spoiler for what he said...:

Putting that aside, it's come clear that Shirai is finally warming up to people, specially men, and it looks like Oyajima is after her (or so it seems).

Also, the fanservice came double this time (one was Houin, and the other was, of course, Rin); and for the end of this awsome chapter? well.... we have the face off between Aoki and Reiji, right now, a lot of thoughts about what might happen fills the mind. Once again, Watashiya sure knows how to put us to the edge of our seats (at least that's where I was after I read this chapter).
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