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Originally Posted by JamesEdwards View Post
'tis the Shadow Mirror World, son. I even named the Tesla Licht Institute among other things, and you're getting cold feet at EOT and Aliens? I am in the business of the AWESOME grim dark over here. Serious business. Therefore, EOT and Aliens are a perfectly reasonable explanation, at least by genre standards anyhow, why Humanity would all of a sudden experience a huge Tech boom that completely changes the world's order.

We're great at reverse engineering (read: stealing) another civilization's stuff, don't you know? The problem is when those other folks try to shove their patent and copyright infringement laws down our throats with extreme prejudice, saying we're still a bunch of barbarians; that we can't handle the responsibility of having all this power. ...Or there's the kind that just straight up goes, "Oh! Lookie here. It's kinda early, but~ it's gonna be a great harvest again this year, eh?"

Oh its for the Shadow Mirror! Why didn't you say so earlier!

We need to have a means to distinguish between The Canon Universe and Shadow Mirror...

Originally Posted by Terminator98 View Post
Not a mistake for me... XD
Edward is Alex's room mate in my fan-fic as well... so it goes along nice.
That was exactly how the confusion first arose!

Originally Posted by Terminator98 View Post
When I meant cover, it was more like "Book Cover" or "Promotional poster/Wallpaper". but yeah, I could do that... XD

but when adding the stuff you said, what does it mean exactly? I'm kinda lost...
I thought it was a CD cover so I thot a title was missing.

Book covers are fine.

Originally Posted by Terminator98 View Post
Thinking of it... Nope. :P
But isn't it the power of plot and pilot skillz that allows her to do that?
Yeah... as a protagonist, she enjoys a bit of plot armor. Though I did try to make having a good unit and good potential the main backbone of her character!

If that's a Moderate then its fine.
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