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Originally Posted by John117xCortana View Post
Oh I see. How would Omega Division react to Ed anyway ? Not to mention his IS which they have no info on.

BTW, how do you suppose Ichika would react when he finds out the reason why Ed prefers long sleeved shirts and long pants ?
Omega Division will be very interested. I've already put Edward in the "Under Surveillance" List in the OC List as you must have seen.
Alex will most probably seed Edward with captors and want to verify what kind of IS Night Fury really is. Not to mention he'll keep getting more orders as more weird people come in... XD
Of course, that's where the Omega Division girls come in handy I guess.

I guess Night Fury would curbstomp Alex in his trainer IS (match set up by Chifuyu? Training duel between room mates? Dunno, anything's possible)
One thing I was thinking of for plot advancement as well was dumping the Edward vs Alex match in the championship, right after Alex gets the "green light" to use Belial publicly.... We then we have an interesting match. (Also revenge time)

Edward will be a prominent char in my fan-fic as well... I'm definitely planning some ship-tease with Erika and Sarah. Of course, sue to Edward for already having a girl!
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