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Originally Posted by Terminator98 View Post
Being a champion, and seemingly knowing quite a lot of stuff that Ichika doesn't know, I guess that it's safe to assume she's not of the type to be shocked easily.
I think seeing a person missing an entire arm and a leg and repalced with metal prosthetics would be disturbing.

Dunno. It will be a hit on Cannon though, as I have no idea what happened at the championships. Our characters facing off in main battles with OCs would be quite canon breaking, my idea was that they all get eliminated some way or the other... either a draw, a curbstomp from a CC (didn't need to be mentioned in Canonverse then), a forfeit, or some other stuff...

IF this happens though, Laura is basically one of the best pilots in the Harem, coupled with her Super Human side and Lightning Bruiser IS. So Ed would have pretty much a hard time...

You could actually get a battle like that to happen though... except... switch Laura out, and put Ed vs Helena... XD Helena's you're typical Mighty Glacier type, so yeah, Ed would be "WTF DODGE, DODGE!" and Helena "This is getting tiring... could you please stop moving?"
Well the idea I have in mind is where Laura manages to hit Edward at close range using her BFG railgun. Edward wasn't able to dodge in time, the railgun shot shattered the weak shield of the Night Fury and it ripped Ed's right arm off of it's socket and into several bits and pieces, the judges and the audience were shocked and horrified. But they were even more surprised when Ed instead of reeling in shock and pain he just closed in the distance, activated a beam saber with his left hand, slices Laura's railgun in two and then kicks Laura in the face and put some distance between him and Laura while maintaining a fighting stance.

Speaking of which, we've got quite a lot of "Heavy Arms" type ISes... srsly... I think we have 3 or 4 units that are slow but dish painful damage.
The Night Fury is a Heavy Arms type ?

I think I forgot to precise something... seeing that Edward is still in default form, 1st form should come in pretty fast (like Ichika. The Night Fury just has to adapt itself for some time).
Btw, I'd consider the Night Fury that you posted as first form... Trainer Form should only be armed like the original Gundam... which is beam rifle + laser + shield and some extra stuff, but not all that whooping arsenal it sports right now.

Definitely, that Night Fury info is for 1st form.
Sounds ok.
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