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Oh god... [wait, isn't that like MvC2 minus assists?]
That being said, when I first tried SSF4 [I got into fighting games this generation], I was trying to figure out how people kept access to all of the buttons at once, so I kinda understand how you felt.
I had a lot of trouble with button layouts for CT, think I probably went with ABC with D on the next line... but by the time CS came out it was back to square 1... I really had to force feed myself MVC3 to get use to the typical animu layout... (for Blazblue CS2 as well as Arcana Heart 3) was also gunning for Top 8 @ my local ranbats for the MVC3s debut.. finished 9th . Anyway I had some teething problems going back to SFIV for a few weeks.. I would like try to EX Air Hurricane kick by pressing MP + HP.... but now I can comfortably play on both layouts.
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