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Originally Posted by germanturkey View Post
challenge mode for /\ is particularly lame, because you need to hit all 8 c presses to progress. i normally hit 6 or 7 because there's always the chance you'll drop it. Hazama is a shit character. its like the devs were like, "lets make a character sort of like /\, but better than her in every way." the matchup is 7.5x2.5. what's wrong with that...

and yes, Tsubaki is amazing to play.
Not trying to blindly defend my new main out of love (or whatever term one may call it) but in the new CS2 patch, Hazama definitely does not qualify as a zoner and is very unlike lambda (he's a more "in your face" kinda character now). I'm also fairly confident that the matchup is nowhere near 7.5-2.5, be it in CS1 or CS2.

I feel Lambda is pretty alright (not perfect by any means, but very much competitive) and she'll dwell in Mid to High B tier (mere speculations of a random internet guy who will never reach the levels of the godlike players). Hazama is insanely strong with meter but I doubt you can autopilot with him like Bang in CS1. Jayoku is single-handedly carrying him into A tier (mid to high) but his Okizeme (imo, only decent one is 214D~A after 3C), CA (IIRC, one of the worst in-game) and sub-50 meter game (especially on defense) is a bit lacking. He'll still not touch S tier, not in CS2 at least (unless the Japanese gods find some game-breaking stuff).
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