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Originally Posted by Bikerider View Post
oh bother.. and here I figured it would be a joint training camp at the villa this year.... oh well.... The older group is probably on the yacht this year
A wild guess, but maybe Mugi invited the entire University Light Music Club to her grand villa for summer training a day after the High Schoolers would have left...without her knowing that Sumire used the villa.

But soon after their arrival, the four find some bum named Okuda-san left behind apparently stuck in a closet. Having never met each other before, all ten bands proceeded to chase Okuda off Love Hina style until Okuda recognizes 'Hirasawa-senpai'.

Yui then misinterpret things that Okuda-san was a big fan of HTT and that they made it to the big leagues, while Mio fears that she is a stalker like Megumin-senpai.

Hilarity ensues for the rest of the chapter.

Aargh, too bad I don't have time to write fanfics at the moment.
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