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Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
So is Kana Hanazawa going to voice the character of Mea Kurosaki, since Mea is clearly an "expy" of Suou Pavlichenko from Darker than Black, just like Konjiki no Yami is based off of Eve from Black Cat and both are voiced by Misato Fukuen?

Unfortunately this new series is mainly centred around Momo and Yami, so fans of the other girls are probably going to be somewhat disappointed. I was hoping to hear more of Kaori Nazuka as Yui Kotegawa myself.
Unlikely. Remember tha she already voices Mikan. True, it is not rare to see one seiyuu working on multiple roles on the same project, but it would be really weird if this happened here.

You should rest assured regarding Yui though. The manga develops her character a lot, so you should be able to see a fair share of her in the anime as well.

On another hand, I would like to see they change Rito's seiyuu though. Watanabe Akeno is good and all, but I think that in this sort of work the protagonist deserves a proper MALE voice.
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