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This anime needs another head director... there is so much talent from the source, the background art, the music, some VAs... but as with ep.5-7, they are composed together by someone who is definitely up to the task. The more episodes I watch, the more he reminds me of the last anime he directed (Yumekui Merry)... whenever he had to present a mature or complicated scene he always screwed up

Frustration aside, I am so happy because:

1) The novel writer didn't had Saki rescued again, proving me wrong, further developing her character in a more interesting direction.

2) The anime writer didn't forget to explain the orbiting balls

Now with only 2/3rd of the cast alive, I just hope the series director does not mess up too much with storytelling again, since we should be moving to Maria/Mamoru and Saki/Satoru "main" plot.
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