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DS9 had the darker tone stories and some are very well written and acted, but the character connection is not quite there for most of the cast until later on (sometimes very later on). Worf and O'brian came in with people caring what happened to him, the it tooks four or five season for me to even care about Bashir, Kira, or Quark. I'm not sure if I every really cared about what happened to Sisko or Jake. I warmed up to Dax quickly enough though. Oddly it was some of the regular guest stars characters I cared about more. General Martok, later episodes with Nog, and Garrak. I don't think I ever got really attached to anyone on Voyager or Enterprise.
Wasn't that kind of the point of DS9? These were characters tired due to war and cynical of whether or not peace, let alone dignity, was every truly accomplished. DS9, early on, was a constant political and religious struggle between many of the characters as they simply tried to find an identity and what it meant to be free (and the price of that freedom). Personally, I vastly preferred the jagged edges of the DS9 characters to any of the other series, and their disconnect with each other and sometimes themselves was always interesting and often very sympathetic (early on and later).
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