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Is Kakazu is really dead, I would be majorly disappointed; especially reading this summary. Like hunter said, I am amazed as how retarded villians will become for no logical reason.

I was hoping that Naruto seems to obtain some good speed, but it looks like he didn't after all but instead trick his opponents using the mass number of clones and general assumptions they would make ('Ahh that must be the original because he is using the jutsu!').

In either case, this clearly now puts Naruto officially above Kakashi and company which by defaults (knowing how these series go) means that Sasuke himself should be powerful enough to take on Akatsuki members on his own. This series of defeat is also shaping up the strength of the relevant Akatsuki members too.

I suspect it is going to reach a point soon where Itachi (and maybe Kisame) will be given an opportunity to show his true strength.
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