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Originally Posted by <xellos>
well, if "stealing their eyes" is gaining their attention, and xris is "the king"
i would assume JAppi has the flaming body and the thread might be this:
That's an excellent line of thought. I'm impressed that you're really thinking about our humble riddle, but what about "When the castle fell"? I'm afraid that every single line of these riddles contains valuable information. If there is nothing in that thread about a castle falling, then I'm afraid that it doesn't count.

I'm glad that this riddle is tricky enough to keep you guessing a little longer than the first one. I wonder how much longer this will remain obscure.

Originally Posted by HoboGod
well, that sounds WAY too much like chess in my book. whore being the queen i presume. all the kings's men being pawns. castle obviously being the rook. the eyes being the 2 bishops on both sides of the king. making the king mad would most likely refer to checking the king. i'm not too sure about "a person with a flaming body" tho. never the less, when i searched for chess, the closest thing i found was wat online game you are playing ?
I really like this attempt also. I'm impressed with how you thought it through. Unfortunately if that is the closest you can come to chess it is pretty weak. Also, you just can't account for "a person with a flaming body". Still, I am quite impressed with your effort.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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