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Originally Posted by othera View Post
QFT, ive never been afraid of what i look like. I wouldnt be embarresed to drive a car like that, but where i live anime is sorda noone watches it but they dont hate it. infact when i get one(Though i plan on riding my bike mostly) i am going to start checking out getting a job like this done
While I did argue that such a car might actually get the attention of the kind of girl I like, I'm actually not sure I'd want one. I love the look of these and I love anime, but I'm not big on calling attention to those facts.

Originally Posted by npcomplete View Post
All I can say is be prepared be prepared for some hate coming your way then (unfortunately). Oh, and with Australian courts now classifying some animated works as child porn, (and New Zealand banning relatively tame anime like Puni Puni Poemi also as child porn) be prepared for that too.
While I'd be the first to admit that pasting jailbait looking girls on your car could get you considered a pervert, I seriously doubt that most people are going to be connecting you to kiddy porn for it.
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