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I am not a regular on this forum which can by made obvious just by my forced title.

Though i am in fact, A very big car enthusiast and it pains me to see when someones hard work is mocked or called fake.

In reference to the van above, the one a majority of you seem to think is photo shopped. It is in fact not. The creator of that car participates in more then one type of style. Some "Itasha" but more then anything he partakes in a style we call "Bosozuko".

Most of the boso's enjoy the idea of stretching and exaggerating their imagination by projecting such extremes onto their cars. Mostly done on Scion's and Mini Vans, any car can be modified to fit "Bosozuko's" extreme retro style.

Remember many different people have different tastes in art.

Art is resistance.

One Love,

It has been a pleasure.

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