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Actions speak louder than words. Gai showed him the good he could accomplish with Funeral Parlor, and it wasn't enough to make him join. The thing with Kenji is irrelevant, it happened long after Shu had refused to join, and at this point, you are right, Gai couldn't be bothered to justify himself to a boy who chose to escape reality rather than fight to save his country. The fact nobody in FP, including the sweet Ayase, seems to have a problem with releasing Kenji is enough to tell he had good reasons for doing so. Most likely, Kenji isn't the mass murderer GHQ claims he is.

Oh, come on. Shu barely even know Inori. It's a just a teenager's crush, he'll get over it. Shu needs to grow up, and this experience will help him do exactly that. This might be precisely what Gai is trying to accomplish. I have this idea he intends to have Shu succeed him after he's gone.
Yeah that makes sense can't be bothered explaining that he's saving the country when he hasn't shown anything to display that's he's any better than the government he's opposing. With manipulation being his go to tactic with no forseeable empathy whatsoever. Just because the government is bad doesn't mean the replacements are any better. History has shown us this again, and again and agin.

Shu would be a moron for following this dude, it literally makes no sense what so ever for him to want to follow him. Why would you risk your life for something you know nothing about and for someone who doesn't give a shit about you and just wants to use you.

It was a freaking terrible plan and he's an awful leader. Shu was tempted to betray him anyway precisely because guy told him shit and made no effort to explain himself. He clearly didn't consider the possibility of Shu wanting to leave with the girl, and the dude was eventually going to find out and what did he think was going to happen then.
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