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Originally Posted by Utsuro no Hako View Post
It's The World of Tomorrow. I'm sure they have safety devices galore.
According to comments around here, they've done it in the world of today, too.

The reason Nagisa disliked the elections seems obvious to me. From parts on season 1, we can already see Nagisa dislike the idea of competition between the AKB00 members, seeing them more as teammates than rivals, or at least rivals that are much more worried about fighting together than trying to get one over each other. Having a ranking means you're deciding who is better than who, a notion she dislikes. She doesn't want to be ranked too low as she wants to see her effort on being on the team recognized, but at the same time she feels like getting a better rank than someone else would be like hurting them.
I suppose that could be the reason... She hasn't given me a good view into her thoughts yet on this issue this season. She's just been busy angsting.

Guess I shouldn't tell you the even worse things he could do that have even more of a chance to happen.
Oh I'm sure there's lots of stuff he can and will try to do. I'll be really pissed when he has her kidnapped and starts actively experimenting on her and her kirara. Now don't mind me, I'll just be over here, setting up this machine to inject droplets of sulfuric acid under his fingernails...

Hopefully that something is her bursting into Aizendad's lair to rescue Chieri while singing aitakatta.
For some reason, the only song that seems appropriate to me for AKB rescues is the one they used during the rescue in episode 2. Um... *looks it up* AKB Sanjou! For some reason I just feel that needs to be sung during dramatic rescues. Perhaps because it's what was used the first time they did one.

On a completely unrelated note to anything else, I forgot to mention before, I find both the new OP and the new ED to be less exciting than the original ones. Admittedly that's often the case with second season OP and EDs. Perhaps they'll grow on me.
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