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Originally Posted by 2H-Dragon
Is this a new setup for all forums? If its just for this one why? Weird setup imo. :S Not that it affects me much , because I dont make threads. o.O

There arent that many brainless threads. I know that you mods clean most of it up, is it really that much work? Or is this temporary?
Seems a strange place to be asking this, in a thread about making new Kashimashi threads.

It's not the only one, have a look at the Fate/stay night forum. And as I stated there
The reason is that in the future we want to make more series specific forums to allow greater discussion for popular series. For example, with series such as Fate/stay night we hope that a new forum will help the current problems concerning the posting of game spoilers in the anime discussion threads. Similar problems have arisen in other series discussion threads due to "raw" watchers and "fansub" watchers getting out of step. With new forums we can create discussion threads for many different topics (such as a thread for each episode), which should remove a lot of the problems with spoilers since everyone will be discussing the same topic / episode.

But to help us manage and moderate these new forums we wish to limit the creation of new threads. It doesn't mean new threads can't be created, it's just that only threads approved by the Mods will be created in these forums. It will also help maintain the focus within the forum and cut down on the noise (no more pointless threads cluttering up the place).
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