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Originally Posted by Razz
Which fansub group is the best for Kashimashi?
Is this a request for a new thread or an actual question?

At the moment there is a discussion in the old generic Kashimashi thread but since there are a number of groups fansubbing the series (admittedly no further than ep 2 at this point in time) it might be suitable as subject for it's own.

The main problem is that all to often it just generates one-line replies based on what group people happen to be downloading, not on actual comparisons between the fansubs. And then there is the other problem in that it seems everyone has their own standard as to what element of an fansub makes it the "best", all to often people are comparing apples to oranges.

Or in other words, I'm not sure it needs to have a thread of it's own (when the generic thread would suffice). Let's see what Catgirls or any of the other Mods thinks of this.
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