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I recommend Souske!!!
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I concur with Skane

although i can't do such a thorough assessment as he, but i'd really like to say that Aono is such an awesome character. Even though she's the most quietest character in the series so far (and may be so for the rest), you can see that although she's stuck in the hospital, she's quite the complex girl with such a deep personality as most of you mentioned.
For some reason, Aono reminds me of 'Zazie Rainyday' from Mahou Sensei Negima! Mainly cuz they are both quiet and has awesome hair styles!

Yea, i love the 'CloudService' that this ep gives.....(heheh, nice one telliamed)
Watching Sola makes me want to study English all over again just so i can dig up the visual techniques that define this series.


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