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Originally Posted by Robotnik View Post
IMO the only way it would get made would be make original "reimagined" versions of the basic "Robotech" elements (alien invasion, transforming mecha, the character types involved in the love triangle, etc) and not use any of the old names/images/designs tied to the various rights holders - like someone above said, make it the new Battlestar Galactica with mecha. And frankly, the Minmei/pop idol angle would be laughable to mainstream viewers - not sure how to make that workable. I suppose they'd watch if she were more like the Bettie Page of the war against the aliens, but that's laughable in it's own way...

Maybe this got shelved because of the live action Transformers movie; too similar in Hollywood's eyes (transforming robots).
I agree 100% on that,make a new one.

Perhaps Hollywood should forget making Macross/Robotech movie.Why don't they make BattleTech movie instead.It is more American way & it doesn't need alien race to spice it story.BattleTech has strong storyline,awesome mecha & also has huge fanbase. It is little bit off topic sorry....
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