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Originally Posted by Ichihara Asako View Post
The movie is slated for a 2010 release according to IMDB.
Yup. While it's impossible to say for certain how the film will turn out, there's also no indication that the production is losing any steam. The only question mark about it (aside from the obvious legal issues) is that Kasdan got dropped as the writer.

Originally Posted by Robotnik View Post
IMO the only way it would get made would be make original "reimagined" versions of the basic "Robotech" elements (alien invasion, transforming mecha, the character types involved in the love triangle, etc) and not use any of the old names/images/designs tied to the various rights holders - like someone above said, make it the new Battlestar Galactica with mecha. And frankly, the Minmei/pop idol angle would be laughable to mainstream viewers - not sure how to make that workable. I suppose they'd watch if she were more like the Bettie Page of the war against the aliens, but that's laughable in it's own way...
One of the reasons why this thread doesn't belong in the Macross forum is precisely because we don't know whether this movie will have anything to do with Macross. In fact, the legal wrangling over rights would suggest that it'll be based on one of the less controversial parts of the story. It is possible that Warner Brothers negotiated with Big West for the Macross rights, but I have yet to hear anything on this score even with all the attention on Macross over the last year, so I rather doubt it. Obviously ongoing negotiations aren't going to show up in the press, but it unlikely that they'd go so far in pre-production before securing the necessary rights.

Originally Posted by Robotnik View Post
Maybe this got shelved because of the live action Transformers movie; too similar in Hollywood's eyes (transforming robots).
There's no maybe about it: the initial announcements all said that the project was green-lighted because of the success of Transformers.

Originally Posted by RAVNEN View Post
Perhaps Hollywood should forget making Macross/Robotech movie.Why don't they make BattleTech movie instead.It is more American way & it doesn't need alien race to spice it story.BattleTech has strong storyline,awesome mecha & also has huge fanbase. It is little bit off topic sorry....
In North America, the Robotech franchise is far better known than the Battletech one. Aside from the relatively few people who are familiar with the boardgame, it's only really known by people who have played the computer games (and to a lesser degree, the console games). Robotech, on the other hand, was a relatively popular cartoon that can draw on a lot of nostalgia.

Moreover, most parts of Robotech are either fairly simple stories or they can be modified to be fairly simple stories, and that's a big bonus when trying to craft a plot that can be easily communicated over a 90-120 minute movie. Battletech's greatest strength, on the other hand, is found in the complexity of the setting. There's enough to communicate to first-time viewers that it's a huge challenge to accomplish in such a short timeframe. While it's not impossible, it's certainly a much bigger challenge than a Robotech movie would be. On top of that, if any movie is ever made, it would have to be far more diluted in detail than a Battletech fan may want.

Originally Posted by einhorn303 View Post
Of course, what I'd really like to see is a Battletech live-action movie. Oh hey, and Ravnen thought the same thing. I'm in the middle of a huge Battletech nostalgia surge, with the end of finals and all. The "Blood of Kerensky" trilogy...would be so awesome.
"Blood of Kerensky" wouldn't work as a movie at all. Not only would the studio have to commit to at least three films, but it's horribly complicated and there isn't even a single main character to simplify matters. And even that won't even be close to covering the events properly since there are no fewer than four Clan factions and five Inner Sphere factions to address.

Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
oh yes, give me a battletech movie. Hopefully form the pre-victor years. Maybe the Grey Death legions?
As far as that goes, I think that a dramatization of the "Wolves on the Border" would work well since it doesn't get into the really labyrinthian plots or settings, and it can bring across the feeling of 'Mech battles very well.
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