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In North America, the Robotech franchise is far better known than the Battletech one. Aside from the relatively few people who are familiar with the boardgame, it's only really known by people who have played the computer games (and to a lesser degree, the console games). Robotech, on the other hand, was a relatively popular cartoon that can draw on a lot of nostalgia.

Moreover, most parts of Robotech are either fairly simple stories or they can be modified to be fairly simple stories, and that's a big bonus when trying to craft a plot that can be easily communicated over a 90-120 minute movie. Battletech's greatest strength, on the other hand, is found in the complexity of the setting. There's enough to communicate to first-time viewers that it's a huge challenge to accomplish in such a short timeframe. While it's not impossible, it's certainly a much bigger challenge than a Robotech movie would be. On top of that, if any movie is ever made, it would have to be far more diluted in detail than a Battletech fan may want.
I agree with you. I've heard some rumor that BattleTech are quite popular in Europe.I guess many people dig big mecha & awesome firepower.

I still wonder why Tobey Maguire want to make Macross/Robotech movie,is he a hardcore anime fan? Hopefully he does,I wonder which character he gonna be,maybe Scott Bernand?
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