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Lots of good points about Mayaka's surprising harshness toward Houtarou. I think she feels that his negativity and indolence draw Satoshi away from her, monopolizing his time. But I also think (hope) that we will see some flashback to a past incident that explains her jaundiced eye more clearly.

But the main thing for me is how totally bowled over I am by Kayano Ai's work as Mayaka's seiyuu. She won a "new seiyuu" award last year, and she could win a "best supporting seiyuu" award for this, in my opinion. She just conveys a personality so vividly. Kayano Ai (click to enlarge):

She's 24 and came to seiyuu work late. She first worked as a "relaxation therapist" in a spa. She used to come home from work late at night and watch anime, and was captivated by ARIA and began using her savings to pay for seiyuu school. Some of her previous roles are Milia in Last Exile Fam, Inori in Guilty Crown, and Menma in AnoHana. More info.
I think it's more appropriated to say it here, so here goes.

Thanks for the info. I was only half-convinced by her performance as Menma and Inori. The former because she came out as a little annoying, and the later a little flat. Now That I think about it, that was actually exactly like it should be given the characters. Her role as Mayaka, with her wider range of emotions, shows that she can really bring it out. Her performance compliment nicely with the detailed gesture that was put in.
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