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Originally Posted by Sworn to Believe View Post
If someone is willing to do a sig with either of these images (or one of each, I just don't know which would look better) , I will gladly give +rep and cookies.
Technically I'm a sig designer myself, but I'm feeling kind of uninspired...
I would have it say Sworn to Believe on it and also neko-chan (neko-chan is my nickname)

Thanx in advance.
I will do this Give me another few hours...

EDIT - Oops, I posted twice...

EDIT 2: Here you go:

I was too lazy to render/extract it, so I did what I could. You can take it though Mr Wang beat me to making the sig (I must say Mr Wang's sig is looking beautiful).

@Mr Wang - Loved your dark effects! How did you do that? By first changing the pic to b/w and then...?

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