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Originally Posted by donquigleone View Post
I did like how they talked about Property damage. I bet the sponsorship thing started when a hero got himself sued for destroying a listed building or something...

You might be a hero, but you still have to pay the bills! We can't all be Tony Starks!
I mean if you really think about... how could anyone really be a Superhero? Keep a secret identity to shield yourself from liability?... please, in today's real world they'd figure out who you were the next day. You'd need a huge entity to take up the responsibility... if not the governments... then it have would have to be massive corporations (well, they pretty much control how governments act anyway with their massive resources...). Even Tony Starks and Bruce Waynes could be brought under controll... you can't do business all by yourself you know.

Originally Posted by klare View Post
yeah Tiger and the statue boy awakened very young too

Tiger & Bunny & Kitty
Haha, wouldn't fit the title naming scheme. It would go Tiger>Rabbit>Dragon. So if she really did awaken as a NEXT, I'm guessing she'd be one hell of a Hero.

Originally Posted by TrueKnight View Post
Daddy's going to have a hard time seeing his daughter fawning over Barney. It'll be the ultimate jest and irony if the daughter and Barney truly ended up together, Daddy does not approve! Eventhough the whole X-Men reference NEXTs/Muties are disgusting are somehow visible. Finally Mr. Legend is awesome .
Tiger might be protesting outwardly about his daughter fawning over Bunny... but I don't really think he'd mind, I mean Barnaby saving her life is gonna be something that Kotetsu will never forget... hell, I could totally see him sacrificing his life for Barnaby to repay that debt.

Oh and Mr. Legend is definitely awesome. I love the fact that he was an old fat guy, the total opposite of what you think of when you here the word Superhero, but even so he was a true Superhero.

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