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You're just doing it wrong. There's no rules '' when '' you can use a signature. What you have to do is go to CP and browse for the signature or put url there and click Upload. THEN click Insert Signature Picture next to the signature you just uploaded. Then click save to exit the page.
Which I did just like you described. The sig is shown as set on my "Change signature" page, and it fits in the limit box. It seems it just fails to show up in actual posts. I thought it had something to do with "attach signature" option, but I don't see one here in this forum engine.
And I'm not sure how I could get a ban since the only two sigs I've used here so far failed to display despite being taken from this thread and obviously having been made in accordance with the forum rules.
Then again, I have notions like "You may not post new threads" and "You may not post attachments" down the page. That's why I assumed I probably just haven't been long enough here yet, and the same restrictions concern signatures. All I gotta do is wait, then.
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