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But where those ideas of masculinity and femininity come from in the first place is what I've been starting to wonder. I don't think they're completely "natural" notions. It's not the same everywhere around the world. For instance, I notice that Japan seems to have very different expectations for men than in North America - there're very few ripped men, it's okay for them to be sensitive in places like public TV... Korea on the other hand likes built men more I think, even if Asian men are naturally smaller. Female celebs there are also taller, more plastic-surgeried, and generally closer to Caucasian females that would be considered "attractive". A theory I have is that it's because Korea has been much more receptive to Western pop culture, while Japan is much more protective of their own. Korea has pretty much succumbed to the Western notion of masculinity and femininity, in my opinion. I still do think a lot of the cause is media.

People might have different ideas of attractiveness or masculinity and femininity but they'd still be greatly pressured by media whether they agree with it or not. I for one have stranger tastes when it comes to men - I don't really like those supposedly attractive young models, so my friends already think I'm strange. I'm still affected by media portrayals of men and women even if I don't necessarily believe in them.

Thinking about it again, I do definitely agree that the media responds to the masses, but it works just as strongly the other way around. I also agree with your statement that the media magnifies those stereotypical notions regarding both genders. I'm just not sure about preconceptions regarding gender being "natural".

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Hope you do well on it.
Thank you I'm enjoying this discussion; I haven't participated in ones like it in AS ever, I don't think!
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