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I think there is good TV today but I have been burned my so many TV series in the past that I no longer want to put in the commitment to a multiple season TV show and have it disappoint me in the end.

There have been anime that have disappointed but lets face it an anime series is way less of a commitment than a TV series. I like that anime tends to have a beginning, middle, and an end. And some of my favorite stories have been from anime series. As others have said I like that anime covers so many different genres and types of stories as well.

I also started watching anime during the height of the reality TV craze. I think TV has improved since then but I still prefer watching anime.

Besides anime I do enjoy some British television. And I do still like live action film as a medium. And well even though I don't watch a lot of modern American TV I will still go back and watch some of the classics. But overall I do think anime is my main fandom.
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