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I got into anime because of my brother, who got into it after he joined a university club that did both gaming and anime. Initially I tended to go for ridiculous comedy stuff more than serious titles, but it wasn't that long before I was getting into more serious stuff as well. Though I still think the zaniness can be part of the medium's appeal -the medium seems to have the ability to make bizarre premises work!

I seem to remember reading a comment to the effect that anime mixes comedic and serious better than any other medium, and while I'm not sure if that's completely true the ability to mix comedic and serious elements is certainly one of the medium's strengths.

I also find that anime can pack a pretty powerful emotional punch, and that tends to make a story much more memorable.

On a somewhat less flattering note, I also like anime for its convenience. Anime episodes are typically pretty short and not that hard to fit in among other things. Plus its become a hobby to me -I like to keep up on what's new, have discussions with other fans, collect figures and go to conventions.
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