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Originally Posted by Soji View Post
^I wonder about that.
This memory world seems to be the meeting of the time paradoxes , I not goin to be suprise if at the end of this arc, both Ann and blade coexist at the same time with the same choker creating another time paradox. Up to now we have .. - Cruzin Yamada version went back in time with Saten.
-Cruz and Saten helping Blade to save Eve, and according to Saten, could also be they help them in the real world (and this is another paradox).
-Cruz dressed as Eve and I admit that is the funniest of the time paradoxes . - Cruz met AnN and only him can seen and heard her .
-Mister spiderman that saved Yamada.
Maybe I could avoid listing some event ... but all this should not surprise us at all. So do not give to have died Blade also because I doubt that Eve would be normal after such an event (be true also for Yamada .. but lately I do not have a good feeling about him)
1 thing also is a major time paradox.

Both Adam Blade and Eve N are the first 2 he ever met with those names. He barely knew anything about Needless except from the general publics point of view.
Also Blade and Eve are here and now. So seeing ANn now is weird enough, but to be shown that only Cruz can see her is more awkward.

Another thing is that a lot of the traits Blade has now are traits Strom here has, how he likes girls (particular his daughter ofc). So possible both Blade and Strom fuse together as 1?

And then Eve and Blade might fuse becomming ANn?

still doesnt explain why Cruz sees her here and now tho lol.
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