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Don't forgot how Kafka saved Cruz last second like how Cruz and Blade first met.

We'll when humans experience things through there sense, they can rearrange those experiences in order to create something new. Like you see sliced bread and than you see a jar of peanut butter and jelly, you than get the idea to put them together and make a sandwich.

Cruz has experienced the existence of both Blade and Eve. So from a mental physiological point its possible to put together a new person by combining the two through mental imaging.

Wouldn't that be something if Ann was in fact born though Cruz's consciousness into the real world by some means. Like how God created Adam and Eve, Cruz could create Ann. Although thats really thinking left field lol. But than Blade wouldn't have to die than lol

Edit: oh it just came to me how they could do a season two of the anime, make everything that happened after Cruz was cut down into a dream! Like Cruz wakes up after being resuscitated and was like wait, didn't the anime end? and they all make it out as a big joke (fits into the whole comedy of them breaking the fourth wall lol) than go the right course without having to retail the whole story again, since all the major plot changes didn't occur until after Cruz woke up.
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